PersonnelMehdi Adeli

Mehdi Adeli


Mehdi received his master of science degree in Industrial engineering from IAU (Ranked second among the best university in Engineering in Iran based on U.S.News) with a GPA of 3.7 out of 4, where Mehdi ranked 2nd  among 84 graduate students and 1st the country’s top inventor for two consecutive years, and moreover, recognized as a top inventor and elite student nationally.


  • The winner of the science and research budget in the amount of 25 thousand dollars for inventors and Elite students of the Vice – Presidential for Scientific and Research Affairs. (2015)
  • The winner of the scientific and research grants in the amount of 4000 dollars for inventors and talented students of Iranian national elite’s foundation. (2014)
  • Awarded in the Damavand 5th Regional Festival of Innovation (Inventions) and Development held by the Vice- presidential for Scientific and Research Affairs and Iranian national elites foundation (2013)
  • Awarded in the 3rd ” Elm ta Amal ” Sciences National Festival and Fair held by the Vice-presidential for Scientific and Research Affairs and Iranian national elites foundation (two plans admitted in the country exhibition) (2012)
  • Achieved the highest rank in Material and Energy Research (2011)
  •  The selected festival of science and technology activists in
    The field of industry and mining, a scientific-research organization and the winner of the award of this festival. (2011)
  • Ranked 2nd GPA among 84 students in the Industrial (2018)
  • Fellow of Young Researchers and Elite Club (Jul 2019 – Present)
  • Fellow of Iran’s National Elites Foundation (Dec 2012 – Present)

Research Interests

  • Risk and Industrial Safety Engineering and Management
  • Ship Navigation
  • Maritime Risk Assessment
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics