PersonnelMr. Mark Stoddard

Mr. Mark Stoddard


The remoteness of a maritime location is often cited as one of the most important considerations when planning ship operations in the polar regions.  Remote maritime regions are often characterized by a lack of high-quality hydrographic data, reduced availability of navigational aids, limited Search and Rescue resource availability, extended emergency response times, and a low density of maritime activity.  Given the multitude of static and dynamic factors that could be considered, maritime remoteness remains inadequately defined in the literature and is without a widely accepted method of measure that can be applied uniformly over a wide area.  Mr. Stoddard’s research is focused on extending existing land-based measures of remoteness into the maritime domain and developing new measures to address the unique challenge of measuring maritime remoteness in the Canadian arctic.

In addition to his Ph.D. studies, Mark is a defence scientist working for Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). Since joining DRDC his research has focussed on arctic maritime domain awareness, undersea surveillance, and acoustic intelligence operations. Mr. Stoddard is currently the leader of the Operational Analysis and System Integration Support (OASIS) Group at the DRDC Atlantic Research Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Research Interests

  • Arctic Maritime Remoteness
  • Arctic Navigation
  • Maritime Risk Assessment
  • Operations Research